Our Vision and Mission

Hansens Engineering will be internationally accepted as World Class Supplier of machined aluminium components. Hansens Engineering will exceed customer expectations in terms of price, quality, delivery, and innovation. Their Mission is to act in accordance with the Hansens Profit Code.


Hansens Profit Code - Financial


Hansens Profit Code - Employee


Hansens Profit Code - Community


Hansens Profit Code - Ethics


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Hansens Profit Code - Environment

Our Story

Hansens Engineering - Port Elizabeth 1956
Hansens Engineering (Pty.) Ltd. was founded in 1956 by Viggo and Birthe Hagedorn-Hansen. This family business operated as a jobbing shop and a production shop. In 1984, their son, Glenn, took over, and later in 1996, their grandson, Erik join the team.
In 2001, a strategic decision was made to concentrate solely on production manufacturing.
Today, its core business is to serve the Automotive Manufacturing Industry.
Hansens Engineering - Port Elizabeth 2020

Business Sustainability

Hansens Engineering has proved its ability to adapt to change. Their successful business approach stems from a willingness to invest in equipment, people and facilities. By adopting emerging technologies and concentrating on continual process improvement, their customers benefit from greater flexibility and value.